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Playhouse Audio specializes in quality high end audio for the serious music lover. We are associated with Variety Playhouse, Atlanta's premier concert venue, and we strive to capture the magic of live music in a home setting. We work by appointment only in a home environment for a stress free way to audition what we think is the finest audio equipment for the money. From the remarkable Bel Canto Electronics and top rated Nola loudspeakers to state of the art Esoteric K-01 sacd/cd player, we have assembled the highest quality sound that will transport you back to the live concert experience.
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Bel Canto Innovative American made products that combine compact footprint and low power consumption with world class sound.
Esoteric Audio Simply stated: the result of fusing the best in design, technology, engineering, materials and manufacturing.  For nearly 25 years Japan's Esoteric Audio has been a leader in high performance audio.
Tact Digital amplifiers and room correction preamp from the cutting edge company.
Creek Integrated amps, phono preamps, headphone amps and more from the legendary British company.
LSA Audio Top shelf integrated hybrid amp available in 3 versions.
MOSCODE The most successful hybrid amp we have heard.  The latest version of George Kaye's design is a real giant killer.

Peachtree Audio

Innovative company combining a great integrated amp with a top shelf dac and tremendous versatility.  Their iDecco was a Stereophile product of the year.  Their new iNova and iDac's signal their entry into the true high end market.
Exemplar The genius of John Tucker with both tube and solid state components.  We have their XP2 flagship preamp on display.
Lindemann German based Lindemann has a full line of elegant, great sounding gear.  Their cd players have been highly regarded for some time, but now the rest of their line is gaining recognition.
Vincent German designed electronics offer tremendous bang for the buck. Robert Hartley of The Absolute Sound called their Model SV236 hybrid Integrated Amplifier the "Best Value" at the Consumer Electronics Show .
Nola Industry legend Carl Marchisotto has been designing top speakers for over 40 years.  His Baby Grand Reference speakers, which we have on display, are considered one of the top speakers available.  The affordable Boxer speaker has set a new performance standard at its price poin.

Brilliant designs and world class cabinet work from the top Colorado speakerbuilders.

DeVore Fidelity The DeVore Fidelity speakers have an uncanny realism and incredible musicality that we have not heard before.  The Silverback References and the Gibbon Super 8's set new standards at their price point.  You need to audition these speakers.
Epos Full range of speakers from this top British manufacturer
Audio Aero French company whose new Capitole and Prima tube cd players are some of the most musical on the market. We also carry the full line of Audio Aero amps and preamps.
Esoteric Audio From universal players to state of the art separates, Esoteric makes some of the finest digital products on the market.  We have the remarkable K-01 on display.
Creek Fine cd player matches the other electronics of this company


Spiral Groove Designed by industry veteran Allen Perkins, this table refines many technologies to create a product with top notch performance and versatility.  The SG1 with a Centroid tonearm is on display
Aesthetix The Aesthetix Rhea has won rave reviews for its immaculate sound and its versatility. A great value. On display.
Audia Flight The Audio Flight phono stage, which we have on display, is versatile, very quiet and very musical.  It has been compared favorably to phono stages costing 3 times as much.
Soundsmith Top rated phono cartridges, phono preamps, electronics and speakers from the mind of Peter Ledermann.
Music Hall Great entry level integrated turntables
Lyra Wonderful moving coil phono cartridges including the brand new Helikon which is getting rave reviews. Ask about the Lyra trade in program.
Blue Circle Solid state phono preamp from the top Canadian firm.
Shelter Cartridges From affordable to their reference 9000, Shelter makes some of the finest phono cartridges today.


Analysis Plus Great cable utilizing unique hollow oval design. Analysis Plus has just introduced a fine copper interconnect and power cord to their line of speaker wire and interconnects.
WyWires Exciting new full line of cables offering very impressive performance for real world prices.
Synergistic Research Synergistic makes a full line of extraordinary cables including the new Element series (on display). We also have their Tranquility Bases and Power Cell 10 Mk III on display.
Harmonic Technology Harmonic Tech cable utilizes single crystal technology for great results in their full line of interconnects, speaker wire, power cords and digital cable.
Wireworld Wireworld cables, created by legendary designer David Salz, use their patented Symmetricoax design for great sound throughout the full line.
Acoustic Zen Single crystal technology and enhanced shielding produce marvelous results in this new line of cables from Robert Lee, former designer for Harmonic Technology
Marigo Ultra refined cable from Ron Hedrich is setting a new high end standard
Audience We are pleased to introduce these high performance and high value cables to our line. The AU series competes with state of the art cables for a fraction of the cost. Check out all the fabulous reviews on their website.
Nirvana Quiet, liquid and realistic sound from top designer Stephen Creamer's new series of interconnects, speaker wire, power cords and digital cable.
Audience The new and improved Audience Auric Illuminator is a must have accessory for making your cd's sound their best. This treatment lowers the noise floor and ads a degree of resolution and musicality that is hard to get with digital. We have this in stock.
Synergistic Research Synergistic makes a full line of extraordinary cables including the new Element series (on display). We also have their Tranquility Bases and Power Cell 10 Mk III on display.
Stillpoints A variety of products from racks and stands to component feet and footers.  The products are very effective.
Boston Audio Design Revolutionary turntable mat and effective resonance control from this cutting edge company.
Running Springs Audio Designer Dan Babineau is responsible for some of the finest components used in high-end audio. With his Running Springs power conditioners, he tackles the problems of line noise from the ground up. His pieces provided an unprecedented level of improvement.





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